3 Questions To Ask When Setting Your Windshield Replacement Appointment

If your windshield has recently been damaged and needs to be replaced, there is no doubt you want the job done as soon as possible. Before you make the call to a professional windshield replacement service, however, you will want to be sure you ask the pros the following three questions to ensure your new windshield will be safe, secure, and that it will meet your local vehicle safety laws. [Read More]

Over And Over Again: Five Things You Didn't Know Could Be Recycled From Your Car

When most people think of the term "auto recycling," they imagine a gigantic machine smashing a car into a small block that's then melted down for scrap metal. But there's actually a lot more to the process. There are plenty of components in your automobile that can be recycled on their own. Some of these items are simply recycled to be used for their intended purpose again while some are used in the production of other materials. [Read More]

Preparing to Buy Your First New Car

When you are in the market to buy your first car, you want to be sure that you take the time to prepare for the purchase properly. Many people make the mistake of going to buy a car with only a broad idea for what they want or need. The following guide will walk you through the proper way to prepare for your first car purchase. Get Preapproved for a Loan [Read More]

How To Prevent Your Car's Paintjob From Fading

Car paint is more than a simple aesthetic feature to a car – it protects your vehicle from the elements and prevents rust from developing on the chassis of the car. Over time, due to general wear and tear and weather exposure, your car paint will begin to fade, which ruins the appearance of the car and exposes the body to the elements, which can result in the spread of rust. [Read More]