Preparing to Buy Your First New Car

When you are in the market to buy your first car, you want to be sure that you take the time to prepare for the purchase properly. Many people make the mistake of going to buy a car with only a broad idea for what they want or need. The following guide will walk you through the proper way to prepare for your first car purchase. Get Preapproved for a Loan

How To Prevent Your Car's Paintjob From Fading

Car paint is more than a simple aesthetic feature to a car – it protects your vehicle from the elements and prevents rust from developing on the chassis of the car. Over time, due to general wear and tear and weather exposure, your car paint will begin to fade, which ruins the appearance of the car and exposes the body to the elements, which can result in the spread of rust.

What You Should Know About Cold Weather And Your Windshield Glass Repairs

Whether you're dealing with rocks, road debris or something falling from another car, your windshield is vulnerable to damage from many things. And, unfortunately, that potential for damage isn't only limited to the warm weather months. What many drivers don't understand is that cold winter weather can mean trouble for glass repairs. Here are a few things you should know before you tackle a glass repair project in the winter.

Does Your Car Have A Bad Heater Core?

The heater core is an essential part of your vehicle's cooling system. It is similar to a radiator, but a much smaller version of it. If there are problems with the heater core, your vehicle might not get the cool air you are looking for. Here is information about troubleshooting the heater core to find out if it needs to be repaired. Your Car is Fogging Up If you have been noticing the inside of your car fogging up for no other reason, it might be due to having a defective heater core.

Repair Your Van's Chipped Windshield And Protect It From Future Damage

Repair your van's chipped windshield and protect the glass so that future damage does not occur. Making the necessary repairs quickly will prevent the chipped section from becoming cracked, which could require you to purchase a new windshield. Materials glass repair kit lint-free cloths glass cleaner razor blade tweezers flashlight duct tape windshield cover windshield repellent plastic scraper Cleaning Steps Clean the windshield with glass cleaner and a cloth that is lint-free.

Auto Body Repair Tip For Fixing A Dented Car Door

A dent on the body of a car is an eyesore and fixing them can be extremely costly. For minor dents in the car door there are a couple tricks that you can employ to get out the dent without having to pay a lot of money. Here is a step by step guide to a cheap auto body repair trick using a basketball. To complete the repair work you will need the following items:

Car Tips: Avoid Getting Stuck In The Snow & How To Deal With It

The best way to avoid getting your car stuck in the snow is to avoid driving altogether, but that is not always possible. The following guide will help you avoid getting stuck in the snow. You will also learn how to prepare and deal with the situation if it ever happens to you. How To Prepare The following are a few things you can do to be winter-ready: Keep a winter emergency kit that includes a shovel and tire cleats Make sure you have all seasonal tires or snow tires Talk to your auto care specialist (such as one from NAPA Autopro Car Services), and make sure your transmission is in tip top shape because getting your car unstuck will put some strain on your transmission.

Need For Speed - Increasing The Power Of Your Automatic Transmission

Your transmission is a crucial component of your vehicle. The purpose of the transmission is to help the engine by achieving the greatest performance, while maintaining fuel efficiency. When you notice problems with the performance of your vehicle, many times it could be the transmission. Transmission problems can be one of the most expensive repairs you have done on your vehicle. To replace your transmission, you could be looking at $4000 to $8,000.

Great Things To Utilize When Camping

If you enjoy the outdoors, you may want to go camping for the weekend. In order to have the best time possible on these outdoor outings, you can utilize these camping accessories. Fifth Wheel Custom Trailer In order to stay comfortable when camping, it's a good idea to take advantage of a fifth wheel custom trailer. These trailers attach to your vehicle, and they can be customized in many different ways.

4 Ways To Increase The Fuel Economy Of Your Car In Cold Weather

Even though the cost of filling up the tank of your car has gone down, you still want to improve the fuel economy of your car. Driving in the cold weather is known to reduce a car's fuel economy because there is more friction between your engine and transmission system. You can take steps to improve the fuel economy of your car in the cold weather. Here are four ways to do so.