Common Auto Body Dent Repair Questions Answered

Auto accidents can be a very unfortunate event to experience. In addition to the risk of personal injury, these incidents can also result in damage to your car's exterior. While it is usually possible to have these damages repaired, many people may not be familiar with this process. As a result, there are likely a couple of questions that they need answered when considering their options.  How Are Body Dents Repaired?

Patch Your Radiator Up With A Cold Weld Epoxy

Over time, it is not unusual for a radiator to develop a leak. It can even happen to both low- and high-mileage vehicles. Fixing a leaking radiator can be expensive. However, if the leak is small, you can fix it by using a cold weld epoxy. Drain The Radiator Before you patch up your radiator, you need to drain all the coolant from your it. You will want to set up a shallow pan or bucket under your radiator to catch the coolant.