3 Reasons To Avoid Do-It-Yourself Automotive Window Tinting Projects

Dark window tint is a quick and easy way to dramatically improve the aesthetic value of your personal vehicle. Once installed, the window tint also helps increase the comfort of your vehicle by reducing glare and decreasing the internal temperature on sunny days. Although the tint looks and acts like a sticker, it is actually fairly difficult to correctly install at home. You can avoid the following problems by skipping the do-it-yourself installation and choosing to have a professional perform the work.


Your installation expert will thoroughly clean the windows with an alcohol based solution to remove dirt, oil and other debris that could keep the tint from sticking to the glass. During the window tint installation process, professionals quickly and efficiently work from the middle of the sheet and press outward to removal all bubbles. If the window is clean enough, the tint will firmly adhere to the glass without a bubble in sight.


Special care must be given while working around the edges of the tint sheets to prevent this area from peeling back from the glass. Installation professionals firmly press down around the sides of the tint sheet with a special tool to avoid scratching, nicking or otherwise marring the edges. If the slightest bend or tear occurs during installation, the tint will immediately start peeling, especially in hot weather.


Depending on your vehicle model, your installation expert may need to cut the sheets to the correct size and shape for your car, truck or van. The sheets must be correctly aligned with the windows to avoid missing any exposed areas of the glass. If spots are missed, it would be instantly obvious and dramatically negate the benefits of installing the tint in the first place. Professionals often perform a thorough test fit before committing to the installation to prevent this from happening.

Scheduling Your Window Tint Installation

You may schedule your professional window tint installation anytime by calling your favorite shop. Your service advisor will help you select the ideal tint product and strength that will best suit your expectations. When handled by a professional, the installation process takes very little time to complete. You should be able to take your vehicle back home the same day to immediately enjoy the benefits of tinting your windows. Quality tint installed by a professional should last years without developing bubbles, peeling edges or other defects. 

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