Buy These Auto Parts And Do The Work Yourself

While having a trusted mechanic can save you plenty of automotive-related headaches, it's also a satisfying feeling to be able to do some basic jobs on your own. While you don't want to tackle anything that is outside of your comfort zone, learning about the process to perform certain tasks and then buying the right auto parts is something that many vehicle owners can accomplish. Here are some specific auto parts that you should be able to easily replace without the help of a mechanic.

Windshield Wipers

There's no need to visit a garage to have your windshield wipers replaced -- despite what some garages might advertise. Buying your own wipers and mounting them is a quick, simple process. Because there are so many different wiper sizes, make sure to know the make, model and year of your vehicle when you enter the parts store. At the windshield wipers display, you'll see either a booklet or a digital screen that allows you to look up your vehicle and determine which specific wipers to buy, or you can ask an employee. Remove the old wipers by pinching the clasp that attaches the wiper to the wiper arm and then slide the new wiper in place on each side.

Headlight Bulbs

A burnt-out headlight can make driving unsafe, so travel to your auto parts store during the day, buy the right bulb -- you'll need to look it up in the same manner as getting the right windshield wipers -- and then return home to install it. Although access to the headlights depends on the type of vehicle, you'll typically pop the hood and take a look at the rear of the headlight housing. In many cases, you'll simply need to turn and pull to remove the old bulb. Affix the new bulb into the housing and return it to its original position to get the job done.


Mudflaps will prevent damage to the body of your vehicle, but can occasionally get frayed and otherwise worn out. Buy the right size of replacement mudflaps for your make and model of vehicle and you shouldn't have any trouble replacing them. You'll need to use a wrench or a socket set to remove the bolts that hold the old flaps in place, and then it's simply a matter of aligning the holes in the new mudflaps with the holes in your vehicle's wheel wells and tightening the bolts back into place.

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