Top 4 Signs Your Brakes Need To Be Repaired

Your car's brakes are everything. Your brakes are the number one safety feature of your car. If your brakes fail, you put yourself and other people at risk for an accident or even death. It's important to get your brakes repaired before they fail. Here are the four signs that your brakes need to be repaired:

1. Screeching, squealing, or scraping

If you hear a high-pitched metallic screech or squeal when you apply the brake, you might need new brake shoes or pads. Worn out brake pads won't rattle and they won't make noise unless the brakes are applied. If you hear a sound when you aren't using the brakes, you may have another car repair issue. Also, it's normal for brakes to squeal slightly if it's raining or in the morning after a damp night, as moisture gets trapped under the pad. If the sound continues, you need new brake pads.

2. Vibration

If you feel vibration in your steering wheel or when you press on the brake, this is a warning sign that your brake system needs an inspection. Small vibrations are normal if you're on a bumpy road or going at high speeds. But if you notice the vibration increasing, or if it happens unexpectedly, you need new brake pads. The vibration is caused by the worn pad or shoe rubbing against the metal rods and rotors of your tires. If you put off this brake repair, you're setting yourself up for a big auto repair bill when the rotors wear out.

3. Pull or play

If your car pulls to one side, or if you notice more play in your steering wheel, it might be time for a brake service. You might only need an alignment, but pulling is also a symptom of worn brakes. This symptom is caused by uneven brake wear, which will make one part of your car brake slower than the other, causing it to pull to one side.

4. Squishy or overly sensitive pedal

When it comes to your brakes, you don't want to put the pedal to the metal. If your pedal seems squishy or loose, you need your brakes repaired. Take your car in right away if you have to press your pedal almost all the way down to stop. This is a sign that your pads are almost completely worn through. If your pedal won't go down very far, you may only need to have your lines emptied to free trapped air or you may be low on brake fluid.

These are the top four signs your brakes need to be repaired. If you are having any of these issues, make an appointment at your local auto repair center like Langley Central Auto Service Ltd.