3 Questions To Ask When Setting Your Windshield Replacement Appointment

If your windshield has recently been damaged and needs to be replaced, there is no doubt you want the job done as soon as possible. Before you make the call to a professional windshield replacement service, however, you will want to be sure you ask the pros the following three questions to ensure your new windshield will be safe, secure, and that it will meet your local vehicle safety laws.

Ask your windshield replacement pros what brand of auto glass they will use for your repair.

Auto glass comes in a variety of brands, much like your tires or windshield wiper blades. And just like tires and wiper blades, your windshield should have a good quality brand of auto glass to replace the factory version originally fitted to your vehicle. So you'll want to ask your service technician what brand of auto glass they will be using. Your windshield replacement service will most likely use a high-quality OEM or OEE (original equipment manufacturer or original equipment equivalent) auto glass, and will certainly be able to help you choose the best option for your vehicle.

Ask your windshield replacement pros about the urethane they use.

The adhesives used specifically for windshields need to meet or exceed all safety standards as required by your local and provincial laws. You'll also want to inquire after the brand of urethane they use as well as the time it takes for the adhesive to cure. Quality adhesive brands that meet all safety regulations should have an approximate cure time of an hour or so. After this cure time, your vehicle is ready to drive.

Ask if they offer a windshield replacement warranty, and what the warranty will cover.

Most auto glass repair and replacement shops will offer a general warranty with your windshield replacement that will cover defects in the glass or leaky seals. However, ask your service pros how long the warranty lasts. No matter the service, you will want a minimum of one year coverage for any parts or labor, should you need to manage any small repairs after your initial windshield replacement. A professional windshield repair service will be more than happy to explain their warranty plans and help set up the perfect warranty for you.

When you contact your local windshield replacement service, remember to ask these three questions prior to any service appointments you make. The auto glass pros will provide you with this information and help you make the decisions pertaining to your windshield replacement.