Does Your Car Have A Bad Heater Core?

The heater core is an essential part of your vehicle's cooling system. It is similar to a radiator, but a much smaller version of it. If there are problems with the heater core, your vehicle might not get the cool air you are looking for. Here is information about troubleshooting the heater core to find out if it needs to be repaired.

Your Car is Fogging Up

If you have been noticing the inside of your car fogging up for no other reason, it might be due to having a defective heater core. This fog won't just be a small amount of fog or mist, but major fogging that should not be occurring. Most or all of the windows of your car will be almost entirely covered in condensation. This usually occurs while you are driving or if you are sitting idle with the heater on. The heater core can blow while you are using it, especially after the engine has already heated up. You will need to roll down your windows and drive to an auto repair shop to have it replaced.

There is a Sweet, Fruity Smell

Another common sign of having a bad heater core is smelling a very sweet odor similar to melons and other fruit. This is actually the radiator fluid that is leaking into the car due to the broken heater core. You may smell the fruity smell inside your car while you are driving it, or you might smell it outside your car after you have parked. Similar to the car fogging up, it may happen suddenly while you are driving.

You Have to Keep Adding Coolant

There are many causes for a car that seems to be leaking coolant, and having a bad heater core is one of them. The leak might not be obvious at first, but you notice you have to re-fill the coolant reservoir more often than you used to. Shortly after your heater core has busted, the coolant might start leaking into the cabin when the system is cold, which can then create the fog inside your vehicle. This is why you should pay attention to all the signs of having a bad heater core. Another way to check for a leak is by looking at the floor of the passenger side. It might be wet due to this leak.

These are three of the most common signs that a heater core has gone bad. Bring your vehicle to a mechanic to have it inspected, and repair if needed.

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