Repair Your Van's Chipped Windshield And Protect It From Future Damage

Repair your van's chipped windshield and protect the glass so that future damage does not occur. Making the necessary repairs quickly will prevent the chipped section from becoming cracked, which could require you to purchase a new windshield.


  • glass repair kit
  • lint-free cloths
  • glass cleaner
  • razor blade
  • tweezers
  • flashlight
  • duct tape
  • windshield cover
  • windshield repellent
  • plastic scraper

Cleaning Steps

Clean the windshield with glass cleaner and a cloth that is lint-free. This item is important to use so that no stray fibers are left in the chipped section before you repair it. Shine a flashlight directly over the chipped area so that you can easily see if any glass fragments are inside of the damaged section. If so, remove them with the edge of a razor blade or with a pair of tweezers. 

Tool Application

Place the tool that has suction cups on the ends of it over the chipped area. There will be an opening on the top of the tool. Line it up directly over the chipped glass. Press the suction cups down until they are secure on the glass. Insert the long tube into the opening on the suction cup tool. Attach it by twisting it clockwise. Squeeze a few drops of resin into the tube.

Apply pressure to the repair section by attaching the tool that has a solid end. After inserting it into the end of the applicator, turn it clockwise. After a few minutes, the resin will have bonded to the glass. Carefully remove the tools. 

Finishing Technique

Place the piece of film that is in your kit over the repaired area. Attach it to the windshield with a few pieces of duct tape. Run a plastic scraper over the repaired area so that the resin is smoothed out and even with the rest of the glass. Wait for the resin to dry. Once it turns clear, the film can be removed. The easiest way to determine when it has dried is by viewing the glass from inside of your van. 

Future Protection

Keep your windshield protected from scratches and chipped areas by applying windshield repellent to its surface. Pour the repellent onto a lint-free cloth and rub it into the glass. The repellent will add a protective layer that will keep the glass free from minor damage. Lay a windshield cover across your van's windshield when you are going to be parking under large trees. It will act as a buffer in case a limb falls onto your van. Your windshield will last for a long time as long as you continue to take good care of it. 

To learn more about your vehicle's auto glass, contact a professional for more help.