Auto Body Repair Tip For Fixing A Dented Car Door

A dent on the body of a car is an eyesore and fixing them can be extremely costly. For minor dents in the car door there are a couple tricks that you can employ to get out the dent without having to pay a lot of money. Here is a step by step guide to a cheap auto body repair trick using a basketball.

To complete the repair work you will need the following items:

An air compressor

One basketball

One Screwdriver

1 - The basketball that you use must be deflated and flat. If the basketball that you have still has air left in it then make sure that you let the air out and flatten it out so that it can fit into the door, wheel well or a confined space.

2 - Take apart the door panel of the car where the dent is. Start by removing the screws holding the door panel in place with a screwdriver and put the screws in a safe location. Once the screws are out the door panel, you will need to remove the window crank by taking out the c-clip. Once that is removed the door will simply pop off and allow you to remove it.

3 - Stuff the basketball into the side of the door panel and place it in the center of the dent.

4 - Connect the air compressor to the basketball and turn it on and allow the basketball to slowly inflate.

5 - Watch the dent on the car door and the dent will pop out when the ball inflates. Once the dent pops out, shut off the air compressor to ensure that you don't over-inflate and cause more damage to the door.

6 - Remove the air compressor and deflate the basketball. Once the basketball is flat again, remove it from the car door panel.

7 - Re-assemble the car door panel by installing the window crank with the c-clip, then popping the panel back into place, and putting the screws back in with the screwdriver to complete the job.

Once the job is complete the door will look much better, but small imperfections could still be noticeable. If you want to remove the imperfections on any car you should consult with a professional auto body service to have them remove them. If the basketball trick does not work, then you have a much larger auto body repair job and need to take it to a professional auto body repair service (such as dent repair in Calgary) to be fixed.