Car Tips: Avoid Getting Stuck In The Snow & How To Deal With It

The best way to avoid getting your car stuck in the snow is to avoid driving altogether, but that is not always possible. The following guide will help you avoid getting stuck in the snow. You will also learn how to prepare and deal with the situation if it ever happens to you.

How To Prepare

The following are a few things you can do to be winter-ready:

  • Keep a winter emergency kit that includes a shovel and tire cleats
  • Make sure you have all seasonal tires or snow tires
  • Talk to your auto care specialist (such as one from NAPA Autopro Car Services), and make sure your transmission is in tip top shape because getting your car unstuck will put some strain on your transmission.
  • Have your auto care specialist service your car before winter. You do not want to deal with a car problem in cold temperatures. Make sure your car is in perfect condition so that you can have enough power should you need to dislodge your car from snow.

Winter Driving Tips

The following tips should help you avoid getting stuck in the snow:

  • Always drive carefully
  • Do small back and forth movements when you park. This is to make sure your tires can build up enough momentum to drive away when it's time to leave.
  • Put sacks of sand in the middle of your vehicle or just add weight to your car. This is to increase traction and keep you moving in the snow.

Steps To Dislodge Your Vehicle From Snow

The following steps should help if you ever get stuck in snow:

  1. Check your tailpipe, and make sure there is no snow obstructing it. Snow can trap deadly gases in your car, which will build up as you try to get your vehicle out of the snow.
  2. Try the vehicle rocking technique. All you have to do is move your car back and forth with slow speeds. The idea is to dig enough room under your tires to build momentum. Choose a side, and move towards it when you've dug enough room under your car. Accelerate your car, and see if you can get out.
  3. Use your shovel to dig under your tires and around your car. You want firm ground to get enough momentum.
  4. Lay your metal cleats under your tires, and move slowly to see if that helps you get out.
  5. You can also wrap your tires with chains to add traction abilities to your car. You should have these chains in your winter emergency kit.
  6. You can call a towing company to help you out if you still can't get your car out of the snow.

Driving under these conditions is not ideal, yet sometimes it is necessary; and this guide should help you be ready for anything.