Three Tips For Buying Your First Comercial Truck

If you are a commercial driver, owning your own freightliner truck can be an excellent investment as it will allow you to pursue work as an owner-operator. Considering that being an owner-operator means that a driver will have greater control over their schedules and the type of work they are doing, it is easy to see why many drivers aspire to make this transition. However, those that have never bought a freightliner truck before are unlikely to possess the experience that is needed to make informed choices about this purchase. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Avoid Do-It-Yourself Automotive Window Tinting Projects

Dark window tint is a quick and easy way to dramatically improve the aesthetic value of your personal vehicle. Once installed, the window tint also helps increase the comfort of your vehicle by reducing glare and decreasing the internal temperature on sunny days. Although the tint looks and acts like a sticker, it is actually fairly difficult to correctly install at home. You can avoid the following problems by skipping the do-it-yourself installation and choosing to have a professional perform the work. [Read More]

Buy These Auto Parts And Do The Work Yourself

While having a trusted mechanic can save you plenty of automotive-related headaches, it's also a satisfying feeling to be able to do some basic jobs on your own. While you don't want to tackle anything that is outside of your comfort zone, learning about the process to perform certain tasks and then buying the right auto parts is something that many vehicle owners can accomplish. Here are some specific auto parts that you should be able to easily replace without the help of a mechanic. [Read More]

The Smart Shopper's Guide To Buying Auto Parts

If you enjoy working on your vehicle yourself, there's no doubt you need to buy a variety of different parts to fix or customize your car. When it comes to purchasing auto parts, it's important to find good quality parts at an affordable price. Here are some tips to help you ensure you're getting the best car parts for your ride without the hassle or high price tag.  Verifying Part Numbers [Read More]